Entrevista a Sergio de la Pava

La revista 21C Magazine publica una entrevista a Sergio de la Pava a propósito de A Naked Singularity.

21C: The wonderful review of A Naked Singularity at The Quarterly Conversation raised the issue of genre, saying “a thriller for people who can’t abide mass-market tripe – a wonderfully-written genre novel that’s too smart for its genre.” Did you in fact set out to write a “legal thriller”? What is your take on issues of ‘genre’?

Sergio De La Pava:
Genres interest me only insofar as they can propel you into something new. Maybe the way a spacecraft will use the gravity of a massive object to slingshot forward. Genres are nicely massive that way. However, if the genre forgets its place and actually tries to dictate what’s written, the work dies and it should. The specific genre you mention, for example, is an abomination. Abominable because it takes two truly lovely entities, the law and literature, and somehow manages to debase both in their combination. So to those practitioners, please stop: how much land does a man need?

Following on from that last question, it seems you have something of the Imp of the Perverse occurring. The book is self-published with essentially no author information. Whilst there have been indignant howls about the fact that ANS wasn’t picked up by a major publishing house, part of me wondered, given how good it is, whether you in fact always intended to self-publish?

No, the initial plan called for lucrative and global domination with a book built to my precise, possibly insane, specifications. When that failed to instantly materialize I perhaps petulantly took my ball and went home, although the results did not prove as disastrous as I expected.

El resto de la entrevista, en 21C Magazine.

Les recordamos que hace unos meses Sergio de la Pava concedió una entrevista exclusiva en español a HermanoCerdo. Todo esto hacemos porque el cerdo es amor.

by René López Villamar

nació en la Ciudad de México en 1979.

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